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AC Milan youth team striker with AC Milan Football Jerseys

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Summer time introduced by AC Milan official figures, youthful gamers with AC Milan Jersey in team invest 20 million, summer time, an AI p Chaaraoui 10.25 million spent with the addition of Vallotti, MAS yet others AC Milan-youthful player investment reaches 15 million, 35 million investment now, Taruhan Bola originates blossom time. If stated Shang season more to U18 age war U19 League of AC Milan of youth team record General, now, after practical knowledge, gamers were would be to has mature of when has, local time Shang Friday for of U19 Ou Qing racing of competition within the, Italia youth team away 2-1 beat has Russia youth team, as well as for Italia U19 youth team first open records of, precisely is AC Milan and Genoa total, presently leased to Ascoli of striker Baretta, and Dang Russia banping has scores, Dominate from AC Milan youth team playing small Ganz completed gunnin ' Phoenix Suns in 1 hour 30 minutes, additionally, a different one in the AC Milan youth team striker with AC Milan Team Jerseys and in this Italia U19 youth team won the to begin with. As well as in yesterday for of meaning b League first round among, two bit from AC Milan youth team total and leased became a member of Turin of gamers weierdi and aoduyamadi, Judi Bola in away on Ascoli of competition within the are get has to begin possibilities, and therefore are has well of performance, which, in -1 backward of situation Xia, weierdi depends on once wonderful of private breakthrough won includes a penalty kick, by Bianchi across from primary penalty hits, banping has scores, and aoduyamadi is received Bianchi of heel passing, low shot broke, Assisted they abroad taking 3 minutes. Full market under special praise has weierdi of performance, stated "miracle boy returned has", for 2 bit gamers, coach Ventura with AC Milan Away T shirts recognized stated: "they're is great, weierdi is a has excellent of vision and technology of gamers, body Shang likewise need strengthening, however i think Turin completed includes a pen is nice of introduced, aoduoyamadi has is nice of technology, but to desired to in Turin started good competition, he require more of team writing, through training to enhance. - Meanwhile, AC Milan and Genoa were initially was liked by Alberto Malesani Merkel left leg injuries, injuries three days, however i got caught within the Serie a basai's first round of extension, may be the national team after the overall game week, we're not competing in Genoa too lost his primary midfield position. AC Milan and Chievo were paroski, then warm-up to Inter Milan within the first episode appearance, the growing season he'll be the primary pressure Chievo striker. Additionally, care Varese is just about the primary pressure from the b last season and lead they into extra match aosuji, for AC Milan this year with Padova total, quite new proprietors attention. The AC Milan team, AI-Chaaraoui already shangyu, Agen Bola Como on the friendly match on Thursday, he will probably be a great deal after he became a member of AC Milan's debut, however in your eyes of Cato cable, the gifted instead of an AC Milan by bid 20 million pounds in youthful gamers probably the most outstanding, he didn't hesitate: "Vallotti with AC Milan Team Jersey is my most promising youthful gamers. "Now, beset by Vallotti continues to be recuperating from the bladder inflammation left, summer time warm-up only catch he skipped the majority of at the start, still being Allegri object like a concentrate on practicing the brand new season.

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